Automated outgoing payments

Faster payments, happier landlords.

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Automated outgoing payments

Same-day payments

Pay landlords and suppliers with the push of a button on the day you receive the rent.

Explore payment notifications

Calculate landlord payments automatically

Ditch the calculator – PayProp instantly works out how much of the rent needs to be paid to the landlord.

Ringfenced payments

Never accidentally pay landlords or contractors with rent from the wrong tenant.

automated outgoing payments feature

Get your commission quicker

PayProp calculates your share of the rent, and can pay you as soon as the rent comes in.

Two clicks and all your payments could be done

In the time it takes to do one payment through online banking, PayProp can process all your payments for the day.

Work from home (or the beach)

Pay landlords and suppliers in a few clicks - from anywhere in the world.

Neil Baldock

Neil Baldock

Charles David Casson Estate Agents

“I recently went away camping and managed to continue processing rents for a portfolio of over 200 rental properties using PayProp technology.”

Get faster payments for landlords and agents.

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